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Free E-Book: 'Ta O'reva' ~ Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller with a Mandela Twist

A young Malawian writer, Muthi Nhlema, has written a short story, titled “Ta O’reva”, which has been accepted to compete in an international long-short story contest administered by online publishers, freeditorial.com. The contest winners will be judged based on literary quality and number of downloads from the publisher’s website. The more downloads of Muthi’s story, the more chances the story has to win the grand prize! You can find the story at this link: https://freeditorial.com/en/books/ta-o-reva Then just click PDF, e-reader or Kindle link for your preferred format and to start the download. The download is free! Share the link with your friends! The synopsis: As a troubled young black man brutally murders an Afrikaner farmer in modern-day rural South Africa, NELSON MANDELA is brought back to life in a post-apocalyptic future where he is forced to question his legacy and face what may be the hardest decision of his life: should he save South Africa, again? This question takes him on a new walk to freedom whose repercussions ripple through time from the fall of Apartheid to the rise of a resistance army determined to revive the promise of the Rainbow Nation Let Muthi know what you think of the story by emailing him nhlemam@gmail.com or search for him FaceBook.