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Laptop Recovered!

Last week I sent out a desperate message from a little girl whose laptop had been stolen........My faith in humanity has been restored !!!! - THIS IS A STORY WITH A HAPPY ENDING ! A message has come in stating that the stolen laptop has been recovered ! - THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR WORKING SO HARD TO FIND IT! The message reads as follows : Our prayers have been answered and today the Blantyre Police phoned us and said they have found Savannah’s laptop. Thanks to everyone who spoke out, and proved to those thieves that their victims will not be quiet. It is in all our interests to speak out loud and clear about all the thefts and other actions. The more we all know, the more difficult it is for the thieves to offset there stolen merchandise, and even the shop owners who occasionally buy second hand items, it makes them aware as well. A big thank you to all. Take care and be blessed Andy Vorster