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Education is not a luxury!

Education is not a luxury! As you know, floods, droughts and unpredictable rain patterns are wreaking havoc on Malawi's economy. Inflation is skyrocketing, Maize has doubled in price since August (6,500 up now to 15,000) while wages and piece works income has stagnated. People who could barely feed their families before are having to make difficult decisions - school fees OR Maize? The reality is schooling is expendable when the other choice is acute hunger. Joshua projects are becoming oversubscribed. We have seen a 40% increase in attendance across 10 Community Based Child-Care Centres where we are feeding 1,000+ malnourished children under-six daily. Secondary and tertiary applications for sponsorship have also seen a sharp increase and we are turning students away daily due to lack of funds. We cannot meet the Can you help? Have you been looking for new ways to contribute but are not sure how or where? for many of us, Blantyre is our home, whether permanently or for a small slice in time, and their are families on our rural doorsteps who are really struggling. To make a one off donation to support our ‘Help Malawi 2016’ appeal, follow this link - http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/helpmalawi2016 OR Make a longer term commitment to the young people of Blantyre Rural by joining our school sponsorship programme for secondary or tertiary education. Email Gem for more details gem.joshuainmalawi@gmail.com / 0881249672 And please get in touch if you have any ideas to share or any queries at all, Zikomo

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