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Ubwino Wa Amayi 10th Anniversary

Since 2006, Ubwino Wa Amayi has paid the secondary school fees and Trade School bursaries for 180 girls and young women. In 2009 a team of builders volunteered from Donegal, Ireland and built the nursery school in a month. The labour was free but the materials cost Ubwino MK6Million. Since then we have had over 300 children graduate and go on to primary school, the first lot of graduates are now in primary standard 6. Paw-paw,Guava and Mango classrooms cater for children from Age 2-6 as well as a day care centre for younger babies. Boys and girls are taught using the Montessori method and also get a nutritious maize based porridge every morning called Likuni Phala. Volunteers: Project Trust Volunteers spend a year in Namitembo helping in the nursery school and bring in fresh and creative ideas. for more information please see the attachement below.