Our Malawian community directory

Happy New Year from all of us at Jacaranda School for Orphans in Malawi!

lease include our school and kids in your charitable year end giving. You are not only donating money, you are changing the lives of our students: * $20 provides education, nutrition and medical care to an orphan for a month * $50 pays for a school desk for two children * $100 funds 5 bags of 50kg of maize • $200 is the monthly salary of a primary school teacher in Malawi * $700 sends a student to technical college for a year * $1,000 provides exercise books to all of our 400 students for a year * $2,000 sends a student to university in Malawi for a year * $5,000 is the cost of a library for a public primary school serving thousands of children * $10,000 builds a 3 bedroom boarding house for our child-headed families Please make a donation: http://www.jacarandafoundation.org/donate * Or for $20.00 a month you can sponsor a child and provide education, school supplies, nutritious meals and medical care to a Jacaranda student. You or a recipient will receive a letter from the child you sponsor, a picture of the Jacaranda school and a certificate of membership to the Jacaranda school family: http://www.jacarandafoundation.org/sponsor-an-orphan/ Thank you for your contribution and we look forward to welcoming you into the Jacaranda Community. We wish peace and joy to you and your family this year.