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ANPPCAN The African Network for the Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

The African Network for the Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) - Malawi Chapter is a civil society organization, registered on 2nd May 2004 under the Malawi’ s trustee’ s incorporation act of 1962. ANPPCAN Malawi seeks to promote and empower young generations of the Malawian society in the areas of human rights, economic, socio-political and education enhancement. The organization’s headquarters are located in Chinyonga, Blantyre. ANPPCAN Malawi 2017 currently programs: - ?Thinking Future Keeping Girls in School Project? - Girls School Program? (school fees and other support) - Albinos Rights to Health, Education and Protection from Abuse Project - Victim Support Unit meeting awareness in schools and communities? (prevention on abuse, importance of education and role modeling). - Victim Support Unit- Children Abuse Our biggest project is the Thinking Future- Keeping Girls in School Project (TFKGSP) implemented since May 2015 in 10 schools in the Southern region ( Blantyre, Machinjiri, Somba, Chilobwe, Chikwawa and Mulanje). TFKGSP would like to provide to young learners of Malawi basic knowledge about different topics concerning their rights and health, in order to answer to their elementary needs, and protect them from any form of abuse. Different topics are discussed during the trainings in schools as Children rights, Right to Education, Child Marriage, early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and Sexual and domestic violence. For each school, TFKGSP’s trainers implement three trainings: Two for girls’ students, one for adults as teachers, parents and traditional leaders. At the end of the trainings a club is created in the school, supervised by the teachers trained previously and followed by TFKGSP’s trainers. For each training, girls received school’s material as exercises books and pens in order to encourage them to continue to study. As games but also other materials compose the training, when the club is created the school receive all the teaching kits in need to conduct trainings. A total of 160 students, 2 teachers, 30 parents and traditional leaders are trained per school. At the end of this school year, a ceremony award will be organized to recognize the best performances in the school and through the club. Gifs as school material and other items support will be donated to encourage to always study hard to succeed. In addition school fees and other support is given to the best performances in case they could not start they secondary education. In July 2016, we awarded 180 students. Since the implementation of the project, we reached 1600 students, 280 parents, 30 teachers and 15 traditional leaders. The project will start again very soon ( Mid January 2017) with three new schools in Thyolo district. Prevention and awareness on the different topics are the best way to fight violations of their human rights. This awareness project aims at sensitizing different actors of society on the importance of keeping girls in school to prevent child marriages and its severe consequences, such as early pregnancies with high risks of maternal deaths or child deaths. Ensuring that girls stay in school is essential for the development of Malawi and for the development of Africa as a whole. The lives of many young girls can be saved if they have sufficient access to information and services permitting them to protect themselves from all kinds of abuse. You can follow us on our facebook page Thinking Future-Keeping Girls in School; ANPPCAN Malawi chapter or on twitter @AnppcanMalawiC to check our latest news and pictures. For more information or for any donations you can contact the program manager: Marie Vauban +265 991 023 111 vaubanm@gmail.com tfkgsp.malawi@gmail.com