Our Malawian community directory


Our aim is ‘to create opportunities for the empowerment of vulnerable women and enhance their capacity to provide for their children’. We will be providing vulnerable mothers with the opportunity to gain long-term financial security for their family. They will be given support to access vocational and basic skills training as well as advice on child care, health and nutrition. During their period of training they will receive financial, emotional and practical support followed by the opportunity to transfer their new skills and knowledge into an independent living environment. Each mother will receive a programme specific to their individual needs and circumstances and will be referred from government bodies and organisations working within the community. With increased skills, education and knowledge, each mother will be able to provide the protection, health, education and love that every child deserves. Children that may otherwise be institutionalised will be able to stay with their biological family in a responsible and caring environment. We are currently looking for donations to furnish our new premises in Mpingwe, Limbe. We would be grateful if you would consider donating any of the following items; Office equipment (desk, chairs, shelving, filing cabinet, stationary items) Childcare and nursery equipment (clothing, toiletries, posters, books, toys, bedding, mattresses etc.) Classroom equipment (chairs, desks, whiteboard, exercise books, pens, tailoring equipment, salon equipment) Cooking equipment, gardening equipment, paint, a sofa/soft chairs Females personal items including clothing, soap and sanitary pads Outdoor play items Please let us know if you are able to donate or have any items that you may be disposing of, and may be of use to us. We are happy to collect from you. Thank you so much for your time Caroline Grace