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Chambo for Kapasule !

Dear all, In my spare time I try to help the orphans in the southern part of Malawi. Here I want to tell you about a new project I have started and I want to ask your support for this project. What are we planning to do? To give the many orphans of Kapasule a better life, we want to set up a fully sustainable and organic fish pond. The fish that we will breed there (the Malawian chambo) will be sold at the local markets by members of the local community with whom we are doing this project together. At these markets no fresh chambo is being sold so we have a unique product that will sell well. With the benefits we will provide the orphans with food, school uniforms, pens and notebooks so they can go to school with a full stomach and with the right materials. How do we do it? At present, there is already a big hole for the pond. To make sure that there will always be enough fresh water in the pond we will a good water pump which pumps the water from the Shire River up to the pond in the village. We will also buy tubes, diesel, fish food and of course the most important thing: purchase many fish! The pump will also be used to water all the agricultural land of the village in the dry season so that the harvest from that moment will be much better. In this way, the whole village will benefit from this project. It is our goal to give the orphans of Kapasule the chance on a good life including education, nutritious meals and let them have a childhood with less worries. And it would be really great if we could build a huge pond that will make this possible. Can you help us with this? You can donate your gift on Malawi Savings Bank, Chikwawa Branch, number 20051925200001. https://www.onepercentclub.com/nl/#!/projects/pump-up-the-life And if you know other people who would like to support this project, please send this information immediately to them or share it in another way! Zikomo kwambiri ndi tiwonana, Dirk Makelaar dirk.makelaar@gmail.com

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