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Housekeeper Looking for Employment

My housekeeper is looking for a Job that pays Properly. His name is David Mpalo and he is Christian and in his early Forties. He worked for me for 2 Years and is excellent, Trustworthy and I never had any problems with him and i still remember the Day I interviewed him. He said to be "Bwana, I am sorry but I worked for Indians for 16 Years So I am very Good at cooking Indian Food." I hired him immediately after that and had my own "Bombay Palace Restaurant." at home after that for the next few years. I have left Malawi for Greener pastures and do miss his Cooking. He has References and gets a 10/10 from me. He is on FB or you can Phone him on 0888893893. Don't Hesitate to Contact Darren if you need more Information.