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Studio/Live Music equipment for sale

I am relocating and due to baby pram/toys/clothes taking lots of space/weight few personal items might have to stay behind... Contact me if interested (email preferred!) M-Audio Oxygen MIDI keyboard featuring MIDI as well as audio interface (9V adapter not supplied). Great piece of equipment to use with your preferred music software. http://www.synthgasm.com/synth_review/MAudio-Oxygen8.html Price MKw 45,000 or GBP 60 Line 6 XT live Guitar Effects processor. Magnificent for live and/or studio/live work. Brand new! http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/…/guitar_e…/line_6/podxt_live Price MKw 160,000 or GBP 220 Apple MacBook Aluminium Core 2 Duo 13" laptop late 2008. Great condition as used only for music studio work. CD/DVD player not working but easily replaceable. Everything else is mint! https://support.apple.com/kb/SP500?locale=en_US Price MKw 290,000 or GBP 400 Tascam US-122 MIDI/Audio interface. 4 stereo inputs (2 XLR; 4 jack stereo), Phantom power; Direct Input option; Balanced output option for guitar/line recording. Oldie but goldie! A myth in the music studio industry. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/oct03/articles/tascamus122.htm Price MKw 25,000 or GBP 25 Boss OC-2 Octave guitar pedal. Every guitarist must have one. I have 2... I recently upgraded to a new polyphonic one. But this pedal is the one if you are looking to sound crack and create some heavy riff unison guitar/bass lines. Pedals from Boss don't lose value, testimony to how good they are! I might change my mind... http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/guitar_effects/boss/oc-2_octave/index.html Price MKw 45,000 or GBP 55 (I used all the above connected to each other for my professional portable recording music studio... or for live performances)