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St Andrew's International Primary School - Offering football training sessions every week

Hosted by Ravi Erriah at St Andrew's International Primary School, Blantyre Are you passionate about football? Do you want the chance to train with an experienced UK football coach? Do you want to improve your skills in an enjoyable environment where your coach shares the same joy of football? Well, here's your chance! We are originally a UK based football training company called KickOff FT, who recently moved to Blantyre. We will be offering football training sessions every week, on Mondays (age 4-6) Tuesdays (age 5-7), Wednesdays (age 7-10) 3.30pm until 5pm and Thursdays (age 11-12) from 3.30pm - 4.45 pm, Saturdays (11-15) 2pm until 4pm at St Andrews International Primary School. The sessions will be open to both boys and girls and will start the week beginning the 9th January 2017. These sessions will be offered to children aged 4- 12, however, if you have an older child who is interested in taking up football training, then it is possible to arrange an individual clinic. Each weekly session will cost MK4,500 per child and we are flexible on whether you choose to pay for individual sessions or if you would like to pay in blocks of 6 sessions. If your child is interested in taking up a fantastic opportunity to train with Kick Off FT, then please show your interest by emailing us at kickoffft@gmail.com, stating your child's age and we will send you a medical form to complete and return to us.