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Tree & Fruit Seedlings for sale

I am developing several tree & fruit seedling ( will be ready for planting by December). Nsangu, ulimbo, mthethe, Mkalati,Chitimbe, Mtangatanga, Neem,Kigelia(mvunguti), mombo, Blood wood(Mlombwa),Mpandula,Naphini, moringa and more. Lemons, tangerines, grape fruit, mangoes, avocado pears, lime, date palms, papaya, oranges, masawu, Brazilian nut, and many more. If you will require any,please place your order now and I will develop the specific quantities for you. For Schools that need to plant seedling during the tree planting month,you can place your orders now for a discounted rate. Mapopa William Banda on 0888 57 8964 / 0997 47 3355