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Fruit & tree seedlings for sale

Dear all As the rainy season is approaching I have some fruit and tree seedlings for sale. 1.Grafted; Oranges, Mangoes, Lemons, Tangerine, Avocado, Pomegranate, Peaches, White guava, Grapes ( white & red) 2.Root stock( From seed) ; Tangerines, Oranges,Lemons,guava,Grape fruit,Papaya,Mpoza,Masuku,Granadila, lychee( late December but you can book) 3.Specials; Date Palms,loquats,Jack fruits,Tomato fruit,Brazilian nuts, 4.Trees; M'bawa, Mtangatanga, mthethe,Jacaranda, flamboyant,Kigelia,Khesha,kapok, Nsangu, Grilicidia 5.Special trees; Naphini, flangipan palms, Moringa,Neem, Jatropha PRICES 1: MK 1,200 collected MK 1,500 delivered within BT CBD 2: MK 700 collected MK 850 delivered within BT CBD 3: MK 1,200 collected MK 1,500 delivered BT CBD 4: MK 150 collected and MK 250 delivered BT CBD 5 MK 600 all Let's make Malawi green and health by planting trees and eating home garden dress fruits. Any other types can be ordered.If we don't have we will develop.If we can't supply we let you know. Mapopa Band