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Goods received from South Africa

Assorted chocolates and sweet and sour sweets ...The best prices you will find as of now . All mini boxed chocolates. Tex 24 in a box at k3600. P. S. Chocolate 24 in a box k3600. Smarties 24 for k3600. Lunch bar 24 for k3600. Kit kat two fingers 36 for k5000. Sour sweets 1 kg boxes for k6500 per box. The sour belts 60 long strips for k6000. Playgirl sprays 18500 for 24. 90ml bottles. Shower to shower 150ml Carton of 72 @ 65000. Shower to shower roll ons 72 in a box for 30000. And many more, please do kindly contact us if interested. Amina Nathanie