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Sustainable, water- and blackout-proof outdoor lighting

A complete outdoor solar lighting system in one handy piece! Do you need bright light outside? Some of the world’s most effective solar panels, batteries, and LEDs have been combined in our handy outdoor area light. It can be easily mounted to a wall or pole or hung from a ceiling. Practical as a fully intergated streetlamp, for parkings and yards, as a home security or emergency light, for camping etc. Using the sensor function, you can make sure it automatically switches on when it’s dark at night and off in the morning, even if you are not at home! The device is completely waterproof, even if submersed in water, so it can keep your yard, parking, garden, boat, industrial area etc. secure even through the hardest rainy season. Three brightness settings with up to 72 hours runtime on full charge. Rugged, reliable, no features to easily break---just clean renewable light every night, with a one year warranty from of the USA's reknown solar manufacturers and our very own personal backup service! Introductory offer in August (as long as stocks last): MK 109,000 - compare this to any conventional solar street light (or your ESCOM and generator fuel bills for high-tech outdoor lamps:) and start saving today! For enquiries, please contact us under: products@energyunlimited-mw.com or call 0111 755 111 (during office hours).