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Garage needed for vehicle fleet maintenance, servicing and repair

Garage needed for vehicle fleet maintenance, servicing and repair Mott MacDonald Blantyre Ltd Mott MacDonald Blantyre limited is looking for a trustworthy, reputable, reliable and cost-effective garage in Blantyre at which to maintain, service and repair its small fleet of vehicles (2x Fortuner; 2x Hilux and 1x Corolla). MMB Ltd has been operating for the past year and a half and has tried various places and has not to date been fully satisfied. We have another 2.5 years of operations (at least) and need a reliable garage as a ‘partner’ for this period. We are looking for a reliable and cost-effective service provider who is Cognisant of the fact that we will put business their way on a regular basis over the next 2-5 years and who takes that into account in the prices they charge for work done. Ideally, we would also be looking for a partner who can provide courtesy vehicles, including 4 x 4 pick-ups or vehicles similar to those we own, whilst ours are in for work. The service provider should be able to demonstrate relationships and service provision to, as well as provide genuine testimony from, other companies and organisations with similar vehicle fleets with whom they have or are working. Please contact the Director of MMB Ltd Eliot Taylor at eliot.taylor@mottmac.com Thanks Eliot Dr. Eliot Taylor Director Mott MacDonald Blantyre (Malawi) Ltd Team Leader Implementation Service Provider for Catchment Management (ISP-CM) and Shire River Basin Management Programme, Phase I (SRBMP-I) project